PXN V99 Steering Wheel


  • 1. 【Multi-platform compatibility】: PXN-V99 force feedback game steering wheel, compatible with PS4 ,PS3, PC, compatible with Windows 7 / 8/10/11 operating system, driveless dual motor feedback , Wired connection, plug and play. (PS4 series requires original handle to guide connection)
  • 2. 【 compatibility Racing Game】: PXN-V99 power feedback game steering wheel can provide “European Truck Simulation 2”, “Dirt Rally 2.0”, “Assetto Corsa Competize”, “RFactor 2”, “WRC 9”, “F1 2020” , “Project Cars 2”, “Beamng.drive”, “Automobilista 2” Need for Speed ??20, Super Route, F1 2019, Driving Club, Racing Project 2 and other games
  • 3. 【Dedicated App】:Self-research dedicated App, can be set by 【PXN Wheel】 App, the game sets one-button import, steering wheel steering effective angle setting, force feedback setting adjustment, steering wheel button mapping setting, game preset key position Configuration, steering wheel button test, players can search “PXN V Series” on the mobile phone to download and install.
  • 4.【High-end Racing Simulator】: PXN-V99 force feedback game steering wheel, 270 ° / 900 ° one-button switch, detachable steering wheel, dual-pad design, configure magnetic induction foot pedal, 6 + 1 hanging block Board, tripoot, strength adjustable, pedal angle multi-segment adjustment, 6 + 1 hanging gear, down-voltage reversing, PXN-V99 free drive double motor feedback game steering wheel, special for professional racing game design.
  • 5. 【ergonomic design】: PXN-V99 force feedback game steering wheel built-in dual motor. Through different degrees of vibration simulation real driving scenarios, there is a real force feedback dual vibration motor. Comfortable feel, long use time and not fatigue, full metal full, the pedal is made of high -quality ABS plastic material, which stimulates the passion of car love and allows you to enjoy the fun of racing.